About Prather Metalworks

Prather Metalworks (Prather LLC) started in 2020 when Franklin resident Kyle Dreier purchased the old Welding Unlimited location on 120 Confederate Drive. You’ll recognize some familiar faces here. Our entire Prather team is committed to providing you with outstanding service in all we do.

Prather Metalworks Team

About Our Services

Custom Metal Fabrication - Prather Metalworks - Franklin, TN
Structural Steel and Construction
Ask for Joe. He will be happy to look at your plans for large projects or do a quick drawing for a few columns. Whatever the need, he’s here to help.
Ornamental Ironwork - Prather Metalworks - Franklin, TN
Call, email or come by and you’ll be talking with Miller. He’s who will work with you on design and will be your point of contact through the entire process—design, fabrication, installation.
MIG Welding Franklin
Welding Repair
You may already know Jennifer. Her ability to diagnose trailer issues and heavy equipment welding repair is phenomenal. She’s also our lead manager for special fabrication projects.

In the Shop

Did you know we have guys who have been here for over 16 years? How is that possible when Prather Metalworks started in 2020? Well, when we purchased the building and equipment, we also hired many of the former employees of Welding Unlimited. These guys don’t have years of experience, they have decades of experience.

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About You

Chances are you need dependable metalwork and appreciate being treated with professional care. We’re happy to provide you with what you need...on time and on budget.
Custom Metal Fabrication - Prather Metalworks - Franklin, TN

Our Pricing

We quote all our jobs before we ask for your commitment to start. That way you know what your project will cost. We work extra hard to avoid any surprises, and we stick to our quotes even when a job takes more to complete than we originally anticipated.